Subway Ninja Surf - Temple Running
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Subway Ninja Surf – Temple Running

Oyun Indir

A CRAZY and EXCITING 3D Ninja running game. There are lots of challenges in this cool 3D environment. In this game your ninja will go on a quest to be the best ninja alive, but be careful not to get caught by the Temple’s Angry dog while it chases you through the streets as you duck, dodge and jump through this COOL Temple!
The game will test and score you based on your agility so be quick.

Game Features:
– Swipe left to right to DODGE obstacles
– Swipe UP to JUMP
– Swipe back to ROLL
– Tap to SHOOT stars and break barrels and,
– RACE as fast as you can!
– Very EASY CONTROLS one touch (swipe and tap Screen)
– use SPRINGBOARD to jump over large objects
– a MAGNET to collect more coins!
– a JET PACK to fly over the city and get a TON of coins!
– Coin multiplier for to collect more coins
– and SUPER JUMPING SHOES to jump twice as far and high!
– COLLECT coins to unlock your NINJA FRIENDS!

Go as far and as fast as possible to ESCAPE the ANGRY DOG and collect coins on the way to beat your FRIENDS at distance and unlock new Ninja characters.

Good Luck Little Ninjas!

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