Guide for Stick War Legacy 2 walkthrough
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Guide for Stick War Legacy 2 walkthrough

stick War Legacy 2 may be a new Android and iOS game from Max Games Studios, which allows you to play one among the more popular drawing games for web browsers. The premise of the sport is that you’re the commander of a military of stick men – these may include miners, who don’t fight but earn you gold, plus your swordsmen, spear carriers, archers, mages, and more  this app Panduan untuk Stick War Legacy verry wonderfull fighter game to enjoy your time Stick War Legacy 2, Your goal in each mission is to destroy the enemy statue so as to urge the win, or to defend your own castle or base against the enemy’s counterattacks, all the while capturing more territories and unlocking more units.also a lof of parts of how the in-game world of playres works, where each nation features a diffrent things,
Guide to stay War Legacy provides all about Stick War Legacy 2

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