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Bubble Trouble Pop


*OOyun Indir ld game made available for any who wish to play about.

This my first game based on a game from 1989 by Capcom (some of you may know it as bubble trouble or some other flash game). its Free with no ads as its a very simple game with only 7 levels.

-Key pad controls for Xperia play and other devices
-touch controls (obviously)
-7 levels including ladders and platforms
-3 weapons (single fire, double fire and sticky)
-high scores
-some sound effects
-ability to hide on screen controls
-jumping added (i know its not authentic but it was added for testing things so i left it in)


bubble trouble miniclip,

bubble trouble download,

bubble trouble 3,

bubble trouble 1,

bubble trouble rebubbled,

bubble trouble hacked,

bubble trouble 2 player,

bubble trouble 4,

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